Anglesey Mining and the connection to the Uramin scandal

Seeing as we are all talking about Masks at the moment I thought that I’d give you a bit of insight into a chap called Graham Edward Mascall – see what I did there?

Here are some links to Mr. Mascall:-

Straight to a company with BVI in the name. Hmm. British Virgin Islands. Beardy Branson territory.

2 Companycheck IDs showing here:-

Notice that he has a “mutual” business relationship with Stephen Roland Dattels:-

We’ll come back to Dattels in a minute.

Notice that Mascall was a Director of Anglo Asian Plc (coming out of 33 St. James’s Square in London) from 13th March 2006 to 13th July 2007.

Not only that but Tim Eggar, the former Tory MP for Enfield between 1979 and 1997 was also on the board of Anglo Asian at the same time as him for a while (appointed 7th July 2005, resigned 23rd July 2008).

Timothy John Crommelin Eggar (to quote his full name) is the Chairman of the Oil and Gas Authority:

Eggar is also linked to the Russo-Anglo Chamber of Commerce.

Keep that in mind.

Going back to Mask-All, I mean Mascall, he’s dipped his toes in a few companies over the years, eg. Morgan Grenfell, BHP Billiton, as well as Gran Caledon Resources where we bring in Stephen Roland Dattels back into the equation along with Stephen Bywater.

Mascall has also been a Director of International Molybdenum Limited with Neil Lindsey Herbert:-

But then Neil Lindsey Herbert has also been a Director of Vatukoula Gold Mines Plc under a different spelling of his surname – Herbet – with Monaco-based conman David Anthony Lenigas and his Mi5 handler Donald Layman Strang, as well as Lord Colin Orr-Ewing (deceased), Ian Stalker and John Francis Kearney of Anglesey Mining Plc:-

See what I mean?

Here is John Francis Kearney’s links to Vatukoula Gold and Anglesey Mining on Parys Mountain:-

All there, in black and white.

If we are talking about Lenigas, let’s not forget about Vedanta Resources and David Cameron’s trip to India in this:-

However, this is where it gets even more interesting.

Herbert, Lenigas, Bywater and Dattels are inter-locked to GCM Resources with Guy Elliot (currently under investigation for fraud):-

Notice that he’s got Rio Tinto and Cadbury under his belt:-

Not only that but Herbert is also inter-linked to Uramin with Mascall:-

If you haven’t heard about the €multi-billion Uramin scandal then read these links:-

A man who knows plenty about the Uramin scandal is Marc Eichinger.

And you wonder why ex politicians like Eggar and his oil, gas and mining cronies are covering up what is probably the biggest scandal of the 21st Century?

Be safe. Be Alert. Contain the Corruption.