Where’s the Whistleblower protection?


It’s great to hear that Labour defends Julian Assange as a whistleblower who ‘exposed wrongdoing.’  Let’s see the party put its words into practice, then, and expose the money-laundering that is connected to politicians in the corridors of power that whistleblower Gordon Bowden has been saying for years, shall we?

Diane Abbott is absolutely right when she says that there should be “protection afforded to those who take personal risk to disclose wrongdoing where that disclosure serves the public interest.” 
Gordon Bowden has taken great personal risk to disclose wrongdoing where that disclosure serves the public interest and has had threats placed upon him by companies like Memery Crystal from Australia who had their thugs threaten him on his doorstep, all for speaking out in defence of those who have lost their investments in Ponzi scam companies operated by Directors of companies linked to a global money-laundering network. So, where’s the protection for him and other whistleblowers who are trying to expose criminal activities so that the public can be made aware?
Where is the speech in the House of Commons about the rights of victims of investors Range Resources, for example, all connected to the same modus operandi of asset-stripping a company, moving shareholder investments offshore for the Board of Directors in order to hide it from prying eyes, whilst innocent investors get flinched?

Where is the protection and the help for people like that who have suffered at the hands of professional con artists who purport to be legitimate business executives but are nothing but thieves in expensive suits exploiting the goodwill of good, honest, hard working people who are just saving for a comfortable retirement but who have lost their life savings in the process? Where is the exposure in Parliament about all of this?
Is it because it would expose some senior, high-ranking officials such as ex Prime Ministers (Blair and Brown) and Lords (Hain and Hoyle) involved in it and open up a can of worms that is even bigger than Brexit that it never gets a mention, either in Parliament or in the Media because it would show them to be implicated? I mean, even Diane Abbott herself is connected to Waterlow Secretaries and Vistra Nominees, companies that are directly linked to the money-laundering circles that takes it all the way to the infamous pit that is 788-790 Finchley Road no less:


As is Jeremy Corbyn, of course, through his link to Diane Abbott:


Want to know how Abbot and Corbyn link to 788-790 Finchley Road?

Follow it through from Vistra Nominees and Orangefield?


Poor old Tony Benn must be turning in his grave. 
If Labour seriously wants to help whistleblowers then firstly it needs to clean up its own act, and then follow through on its words and take action. Otherwise, all it is doing is just blowing hot air and not does nothing constructive in the “public interest.” 

Just having a look that Diane Abbott has accepted a donation or two:


Turkish Media Ltd linked to good old Yomtov;


7 director ID’s for this gentleman, and he’s born in August, but is it 1973, 1975 or 1977?! (on companies house)

10 on companycheck though!


What a muddle, swinging in defiance of the Companies Act:


Linked to Buyview Ltd, with its links to Finchley Road historically:


Words fail me on this company!


Saint Lucy’s College and Saint Peter’s College out of the same address – 55 Stoke Newington High St – with one of his associates:


Well at least Saint Peter’s college has a website, can’t find one for Saint Lucy’s(!):
Saint Peter’s College: Kurs Kategorileri

Well at least the 2012 date is consistent with the Companies House records for the company!
Yomtov linked again:

QA Registrars linked as well;


Hanover / HCS linked to him:


and here:


More masonic lodge activity at 53 Stoke Newington High Street:


Avalon TV, which Diane accepted a donation from, are out of Swift too:


Keith Anthony Davidson is on the Diane Abbott Foundation as a director, and is also a director on this company:



So not a lot to see there Diane!

Here’s an interesting article in the Daily Mail about HBOS which explains how it was a deliberate asset-stripping exercise from the inside, and the bail-out could have been averted:


Did you know that Maureen Diane Lipman CBE is connected to Diane Abbot too via Baroness Howells from Women of the Year, a company with a correspondence address of Brewers Hall along with Dr. Floella Benjamin and others? How very modest of the ladies to give themselves such an unassuming company name, eh?




Of course,  Brewers Hall is a Masonic Hall:

Here is Baroness Howells with two other Dames:


How convenient for a representative from Chatham House to have her say about Syria on the BBC:


Dr. Lina Khatib, with her links to Baroness Valerie Amos who succeeded Claire Short who, like Robin Cook didn’t want Britain to go to war with Iraq is clearly someone who we need to keep a close eye on methinks:




And look where Baroness Patricia Janet Scotland takes us to…Buckingham Palace, the Royal Mail , and to the FCA (via Baroness Hogg):




Isn’t it about time that politics does away with cover-ups and just clean itself up so that it can restore some faith in the electorate?

Let’s have no more diverting attention from the issue. Let’s listen to public. Let’s save the NHS, the pensions, and stop the unnecessary austerity. Let’s clamp down on those who evade taxes – money that could go back into the community and create jobs – and let’s do away with supporting arms deals with hostile countries. Let’s get rid of the Tories and let’s have the truth. It’s as simple as that.