Masonic Radio

Ever listened to Magic Radio? If you have then you will have probably heard Ronan Keating, Phil Collins, Annie Lennox, Take That and others at some point during the day…every day. Ex Boyzone member Ronan Keating is a DJ on the station. If you haven’t listened to the radio station there is nothing wrong with that. You’re not missing much, just a repeat of the same songs that they played the previous day or week.

The perception that we are given is that it is just another ordinary music station playing pop and rock music. Again, nothing wrong that.

However, if you delve a little bit deeper you will realise that all is not as it seems.

Each week, the DJ’s (including ex Children’s BBC presenter Andy Crane) try and get people to text “WIN” to a 5 digit number for a chance to win £thousands. But, like we always say here #FollowTheMoney.

Magic Radio is part of the Bauer Media Group.

Straight away what we see is that Bauer Media takes us straight into Swift Incorporations and Instant Companies territory where a band of merry Masons like to do business and move money under the radar to/from.

So, that should be a Red Flag as to where the money goes when you text “WIN” to their premium text line number. It’s a bit of a clue as to why they have got this cash-generation line there for a start.

Then, when we find who they consistently play on the radio, (e.g. Phil Collins and Annie Lennox…linked directly to Barbara Kahan from Finchley, as is Gary Barlow) then we get an idea as to why they want these people to have royalties each time their songs are played on the radio.

Now, whether these links (below) are true or not remains to be seen.

If they are, perhaps it should be called Masonic Radio instead, eh?