The Anglesey Mining con

Have you seen this man?

He’s called Bill Hooley and is pushing a 50+ year mining scam fronted under the guise of a London Stock Exchange company called Anglesey Mining Plc (AYM on the LSE share platform).
Hooley says that he wants the company to start mining for zinc, copper, lead and gold at Amlwch and create 120-150 jobs soon.

But the company has been saying this for decades now, not just since 1984 when the current company was formed but also prior to that when it was called Anglo Canadian Exploration.

What Bill Hooley is doing, basically, is trying to raise some public interest and some share capital in a mine that has been promising to start mining for years, but never does. Every year they say that they will soon be able to extract valuable minerals from the ground at Parys Mountain in Amlwch (at the top end of the island of Ynys Môn/Anglesey – just a stone’s throw away from the concrete monstrosity that was the Wylfa Nuclear Power Station). 

In the Proactive Investors YouTube link Bill Hooley mentions that Anglesey Mining has been working closely with Micon pronounced “My” “Con” by the way). What he fails to mention is that he was one of the people who formed Micon International – as is shown here:

Derek William Hooley, to give him his full name, was also once a co-director of Wildbeach Resources with Andrew Horton Counsell who is tied into Eurasia Mining and Lonmin – aka Lonrho, asset strippers of Africa under the guise of LonZim headed by Monaco-based David Antony Lenigas and his pal Geoff White:

Have a read of this:-

Tell me that this isn’t a load of hogwash:-

There’s a share ramper called Brent Hargreaves working as an apron-wearing agent for the aged Hooley.

Don McCallum is also a little helper for him, too:

Parys Mountain in Amlwch hides a dark secret though. Read on…

There is reason to believe that the 300m Morris shaft on Parys Mountain (where Anglesey Mining Plc are proposing to start mining…yet again…) is a Nuclear Waste Repository – the exact same design as a nuclear waste repository in Finland.

So, it’ll be interesting to see if the value of the shares will rise for a while before there’s another excuse to say that “it’s not the right time,” or they “haven’t got the resources” to achieve their plans to dig for 12 years because of what is hidden down that shaft. 

Have a listen to this discussion, especially the first 12 minutes in:

Naturally, the London Stock Exchange make it difficult for those to see the share chat/ramping, especially if you don’t agree with what a company is doing. But, there are ways around that.

Be very careful of professional con artists like these. They are out to cash-burn every penny that you’ve got. The money will disappear down a rabbit hole to Bermuda and a Masonic Lodge in the City of London.

Meanwhile, let’s have a look at some of these companies and see where it takes us, shall we?

1. Savannah Resources Plc.

See how many times Professor Michael Stephen Johnson is connected to Pinsent MASONS (the clue is in the name):

This is an interesting one though. Mark Christopher Jones is connected to SHEARWATER Group Plc:

What a coincidence that SHEARWATER Energy have made a proposal for the Wylfa Nu-killer Power Station:-

He is also linked to Damian Antony CONboy. Never was there a more apt name for a con artist and share ramper:-

Here’s more detail on Conboy:

Stephen Douglas Oke goes straight to the head of the snake:

Canada is also usually connected to British “mines” (and I use the term loosely), too.

Nothing is ever by coincidence when it comes to things like this. N.M. Rothschild is usually in there somewhere with their fingers in the pie…and that’s just the first company to look at. Let’s have a look at the others.

2. Alien Metals Ltd.

Well, it goes straight to the British Virgin Islands (B.V.I.) for a start! That’s enough of a red flag for sure.

David William Cohen has got British, Canadian and South African nationalities would you believe?

Dennis Vernon Edmonds has got a Welsh connection, too.

Unit D
De Clare House
4 Sir Alfred Owen Way, Pontygwindy Industrial Estate, Caerphilly CF83 3HU
Head Office Kazera Global, Lakeside, Fountain Lane, St Mellons, Cardiff CF3 0FB

Notice how many times the company has changed its name? It’s all about building layers of protection so that the money trails can easily be diverted off scent. 

Arian means both Silver and Money in Welsh, of course.

Like we always say #FollowTheMoney 

3. IronRidge Resources is an Australian-listed company.

The nominated advisers are S P Angel, who also look after Savannah Resources.

4. Castillo Copper 

This is also an Australian company, but is now trading on the London Stock Exchange

5. Oracle Power Plc

If we look at Conrad Andrew Windham from Oracle Power we see that he takes us to Equatorial Oil and Gas and Valiant.

Eurocann is also just another name for Discovore Plc.

They deal with medical marijuana.

6. Power Metal Resources Plc

Takes us straight to Andrew Bell of Red Rock Resources and Temple Chambers:

3-7 Temple Avenue3-7 Temple Avenue, Temple, London EC4Y 0DA
Andrew Bell works closely with Stephen Frank Ronaldson:-

Ronaldson is also connected to Greatland Gold at Salisbury House, also mentioned in the Proactive Investors link earlier.

29 Finsbury Circus
Also at Salisbury House with Bell and Ronaldson is…

7. Thor Mining

Their advisors are Grant Thornton…which speaks volumes, don’t you think?

Due diligence anyone?

8. Trident Royalties Plc

This takes us back to Red Rock Resources via Sam Delevan Quinn:-

And Dennis Vernon Edmonds again…

Along with his links to Africa House and offshore tax haven Guernsey:-

Africa House70 Kingsway, Holborn, London WC2B 6AH

Here’s another boiler-room address for money-laundering purposes.  

Quadrant House,4 Thomas More Square,London
Here’s why. Let’s have a look at…

9. Bezant Resources

Not only do we need to make a note of Swift and Instant (big clue to a Masonic link), but also to Colin Bird from Pan African Resources:-

From here we see Malcolm Alec Burne from Anglesey Mining Plc:-

10. ECR Minerals Plc

This takes us to Michael John de Villiers:

He takes us back to Eurasia Mining again where we see Andrew Horton Counsell, which takes us to Lonmin, and Wildbeach Resources – which leads us to Derek William (“Bill”) Hooley from Anglesey Mining Plc, as we were saying earlier.

Not only that but de Villiers also takes us to Oxus Gold, where we see Roger William Turner, also from Anglesey Mining Plc.

Which, as you can see, Turner takes us to Temple Secretaries and Company Directors via 788-790 Finchley Road in London:-

The address may be hidden on request here, but it doesn’t take a genius to realise what’s going on when you do a bit of research into this money-laundering cesspit address. 

They are really pushing it with Anglesey Mining though. This is not the “end of the beginning” like the Mining Capital spokesman says at all. This is just another ruse to ramp up shares again until the next excuse.

It’s the beginning of the end of the whole cabal coming crashing down.

#FollowTheMoney folks.