How “Dirty” money is Laundered.

It’s all about following the money. Have a read of this article from The Guardian. It shows the process of how “Dirty” money is cleaned via a “Laundromat” scheme.

Also, significantly:

“Business partners of the US president, Donald Trump, in a project to build a luxury Trump Tower in Baku also appear in the Laundromat scheme.”

They use fake “layering” companies to move money around so as it cannot be detected, e.g. Metastar Invest:

And, Polux Management, details of which are “not available”, which says a lot in itself:

They also use offshore companies, such as LCM Alliance based in the Seychelles:

It also comes back to Jovdat Guliyev, whose company was set up by Brookson’s in Warrington, linked to Jordan Secretaries:

It’s easy to #FollowTheMoney when you know how.