Sirius $h!t

This is what happens when people either try and become too greedy and want more money for themselves, or are extremely naive and don’t know who they are getting involved with because they haven’t done their research, or don’t care or a give thought for Mother Nature in the process. People are now getting concerned about Sirius Minerals, but the writing has been on the wall for some time. All you need to do is to know what to look out for, where, and just follow the money.

On the Board of Directors of Sirius Minerals is Labour Peer Lord John Hutton of the Hutton inquiry into the death of Dr. David Kelly, and a former aide to Tony Blair.

He happens to be a former Chairman of the Nuclear Industry Association in Britain and also works for Gen4Energy (formerly Hyperion) in the US:,_Baron_Hutton_of_Furness

And, lo and behold, we see him connected to Yomtov Elizer Jacobs from 39a Leicester Road in Manchester, an address linked to a money-laundering ring connected to 788-790 Finchley Road in London.  

Lord Hutton is also to linked Robert and Lynda Mawson via Gmet Nuclear based in Cumbria:

They are linked to the Nuclear Development Company Limited :

And then to this guy, Biplab Rakshi:

Which, ironically, takes us via Atomic Acquisitions Ltd to the British Taxpayers Association and R.M. Nominees based at the same address in Hitchin as the disgraced Mossack Fonseca company linked to the Panama Papers:

Surely there can’t have been any impropriety, bungs or sweetener handshakes involved?

Well, if you open up PANTHER INVESTMENT you’ll see 2 OLD BROMPTON RD

This is where ANGLO RESCUE FINANCE takes us to DONALD NORMAN MCCALLUM. Ah yes. Don The Con from Anglesey Mining of course.

If you check the other SIRIUS Spin offs it exposes the implicated and NAMED corrupt Rt Hon scum.

Do you see what’s going on here?

You couldn’t make this up even if you tried.