Tory Bliar

To fully understand how dirty and scheming ex Labour Prime Minister of Britain Tony Blair is you need to delve into his background and how he came to power.

This is a good documentary by Anthony Seldon shows the devious workings of the smiling politician:

There is no doubt that he was put there by an evil, secretive and manipulative power – and nothing would stop him from getting to where he was being positioned and placed to be.

I mean, who’s to think that the sudden deaths of Ian Smith, Robin Cook and Dr. David Kelly weren’t pre-planned? Also, let’s not forget that Princess Diana died on his watch, too.

Who is to think that the son of a Tory Barrister who was to be become a Labour Prime Minister wasn’t put there on purpose to bring about some sympathy for the attack on the Twin Towers that would ultimately embroil Britain in the war on Iraq and the death of innocent people in the process?

This link shows how much money he has made via his Windrush Ventures company – formed out of 788-790 Finchley Road. Notice the connection to the Clintons, too:

What if Tory Bliar wasn’t, is not, nor ever will be a true socialist but an evil psychopath that has made £millions hiding behind the façade of being some sort of caring Christian with a conscience. The man is evil and needs to be behind bars, not only for war crimes, but for the deaths of innocent people and for tax evasion and fraud in his pursuit of power.