Tramp Nightclub

Woman says she remembers Prince Andrew at Tramp nightclub…:
Prince Andrew has no recollection of it, of course:

Tramp Nightclub. Membership contact address 38-40 Jermyn Street, London.SW1Y 6DN

Here’s the Twitter page:
Take a look at Jermyn St Shopper (@JermynStShopper):

And here’s the Facebook page:

Contact Katie Thomas, or Catherine Jane Thomas as she’s really called:

Membership to “the club” is strictly “by appointment” of course.

She certainly knows how to create companies, use nominee secretaries and then dissolve the companies, that’s for sure.

There’s quite a lot going on at SW1Y 6DN it would appear.

38 Jermyn Street (also called “Prince’s House”) is even mentioned in the Panama Papers:

It’s where David Anthony Lenigas, a mining executive and con man based in Monaco has his companies registered to:

Of course, if we were to look into the movements of Vasile Frank Timis and his company registrations at Suite 3B, 38 Jermyn Street and 138 The St. Botolph Building, Houndsditch, London we’d get a bigger picture:
Watch this documentary:

Read this:

And this:

To move money sometimes you need an office or a mail-forwarding address:

These are some of the companies Timis is linked to:

Including Pan African Minerals:

Clyde Secretaries also come out of 138 Houndsditch:

Now, one could ask: “What do the directorships and companies of others linked to the same correspondence address as that of a nightclub in London that a Prince denies ever having been there got anything to do with him?”  Well, it’s all a bit hush-hush, isn’t it? If we brush it under the carpet it will all go away, won’t it? Out of sight, out of mind. Move along now. Nothing to see here.
If we take that view and never question the facts or the authorities then we’ll never get to know the truth, will we. I mean, what are the FCA doing about Vasile Frank Timis, David Anthony Lenigas and many, many others who have cash-gutted companies for decades without anyone ever asking what is going on here? 
It’s time people got to know the truth.