The threat of Nuclear

In case you’re wondering, Warrington is FIRMLY embedded within this scandal, not only involving Lord Douglas Hoyle (a previous MP for Warrington) but also many within the Nuclear industry.
For example, I heard Dame Sue Ion (Chair of Nirab) extolling the virtues of Nuclear Power Power Stations because of the rise in Electric cars to counter-act the CO2 emissions as she was talking to Evan Davies last night on BBC Radio 4. Well, she would do, wouldn’t she, being on the Board of a Nuclear company and all that? Check out her Wiki bio:
What Dame Ion failed to mention is that Nuclear Power Stations create toxic waste which lasts for 250,000 years…and where are they going to store it, I wonder? Is anything made of concrete going to keep spent nuclear fuel rods safely for a quarter of a million years? I doubt it, that’s why they are secretly using other locations to dump it under the radar, of course.
She leads directly into Areva at 21 St. James’s Square, London. Well, we know quite a bit about Areva and “Atomic Anne” Lauvergeon linked to a €billion fraud to Uramin Inc. and her connections with Rio Tinto at 6 St. James’s Square (just around the corner from No. 21) don’t we?
Do not pass Go. Do not collect £200.
As Bamber “Bamby” Gascoigne  would say on University Challenge: “Let’s have a starter for 10”:
Dame Ion is on the Board of thr Nuclear Industry Association :
She’s also chums with this fellow, Desmond Hugh Cecil:
He shares the same office as this chap, William John Craven:
As well as this guy from Areva. Oh dear. There’s that Nuclear firm again:
Here’s another Craven, John Anthony Craven (not to be confused with a previous Blue Peter presenter I might add). John Anthony Craven was previously a Director of Lonmin – linked to Lonrho, of “Tiny Rowland” fame, Reuters, and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) no less:
Of course, let’s not forget Warrington. It’s always in the mix. Let’s have a kook at Stephen John Browning:
Or, Maria Angela Carlick:
Or, Martin John Chown (linked to Sellafield):
Or, Keith Frederick Collett with a company called “Nukem”! I kid you not!:
How about Alvin Joseph Shuttleworth?
Or, Colin Stuart Reid. Both Shuttleworth and Reid have numerous connections to so many nuclear companies. They are and have been major players in the movement of money for the nuclear industry.
Let’s throw in a Lord (Hutton), of the Hutton Inquiry that was looking into Tony Blair’s involvement in the Iraq war while we’re at it:
Do we need to stress any further how important this is?
How long do we have to keep banging the drum on this before something is done about it? THIS is of NATIONAL IMPORTANCE! Our country is being asset-stripped from under our very eyes, and is the reason why the NHS is on its knees, why the Pension Age keeps going up and up, and why people have had enough of being taken for a ride.