Where is the due diligence?

With so many companies on the London Stock Exchange and the AIM (the Alternative Investment Market) one would expect there to be a strict regulator working to ensure that proper due diligence is being carried out on the companies and the Directors operating on there. Wouldn’t you?

So, where is the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) when it comes to looking after investors who have been caught up in an elaborate and well-constructed money-laundering scam who have lost hundreds of thousands of pounds in the process? Why aren’t they going after the criminals who have ripped-off unsuspecting investors who have, in many cases, lost their life savings, suffered financial and marital hardship as well as depression and mental breakdown as a result of the deliberate asset-stripping operation of a collective of thieving, heartless, un-caring un-mentionables who think they are un-touchable?

Many people are now approaching Pandora’s Box Investigations Limited after they have lost £thousands and are looking for help and some clues as to where their investments have disappeared to. Two companies which are frequently mentioned are Range Resources and Red Emperor Resources, which we know to be what’s termed as “Ponzi scam” companies. 

So, where is the FCA, eh? What is it doing? Why aren’t they going after the criminals and doing what they should be doing which is regulating the City of London – the place where according Italian to Reporter and Mafia Expert Roberto Saviano is more corrupt than “il Cosa Nostra”, the Italian Mafia?


Isn’t it about time that the FCA brought people to justice? It is there to regulate, so why doesn’t it do it, and who regulates the regulator?

Well, I suspect that the reason why they don’t is because of the political and media heavyweights acting as door-slamners and covering up what is the biggest scandal of the century. 

Let’s have a look at a few examples of these self-serving nasties, shall we?

To get an idea of how money is being moved to facilitate the asset-strip of companies and a country thereafter a good place to start would be with the now dissolved Parliamentary Broadcasting Unit Limited, which when it was in operation hosted many Lords, Sirs and Rat Honourables linked to the corridors of power at Westmonster, all stalking their pray like Wolves. 

It was formed out of 1 Park Row, Leeds…where Pinsent MASONS operate out of. There is a big M for Massive clue linked to that company. 

Although the Parliamentary Broadcasting Unit Limited is not now in operation, the key players within it most definitely are. To truly understand why there are austerity measures being placed on our Councils, why pension pots are being depleted and why many people are now having to work their guts off until they drop dead or, if they are lucky, retire at an ever-increasing age on a miniscule amount per week because there is no pot to piss in when it comes to a pension fund then it is necessary to look back, not just to our current thieving Cons, Tories or whatever you want to call them, but to the spin doctors before them as well, and yes, I do mean New Labour. There is no getting away from it. The British public were duped by the war-mongering, so-called Christian, cheesy-grinned Anthony Charles Lynton Blair and his bevvy of corrupt officials. 


Did you spot some key names there? Dame Margaret Beckett, Jack Straw, and Lords Peter Hain and Tony Hall? 

Well, we all know that Beckett, Straw and Hain all worked in the Cabinet for ex PM Tony Blair (who is linked to 788-790 Finchley Road via Windrush Ventures Limited, and subsequently Firerush Ventures coming out of 50 Broadway – where the NHS is registered to by the way. Now, there’s a story in that all of itself. Ever wondered who’s connected to the disbanding of the NHS? Also, ever wondered about the deaths of John Smith, Robin Cook, Dr. David Kelly or even Princess Diana? Could they have been politically-driven deaths by natural causes or accidents perhaps? 

John Smith was primed to be the next Prime Minister, but he died in 1994. Could his death have been made to look like an heart-attack by the Secret Service to make way for Blair to come through the ranks perhaps? Robin Cook was against going to war with Iraq and resigned, but suffered an heart attack whilst out walking, as did Dr. Kelly, an arms inspector who went to Pelindaba in South Africa with a young guy called David Cameron on a fact-finding mission, whereupon it was found that a Nuclear War-heads had gone missing.  Could Smith, Cook and Kelly also have been admistered an heart-attack inducing drug that could be untraceable under postmortem perhaps? Also, what did happen to Diana on Tony Blair’s watch? There are more questions than answers to these and more, of course. I guess we might never know for sure.






But, why are these things still significant today? Why are yesterday’s MPs inducted as Lords such as Lords Douglas Hoyle, Lord Peter Mandelson and Lord Peter Hain, for example?

Well, as we know, Lord Hain outed perma-tanned tax exile Sir Peter Greed (pun intended) as a bit of a naughty boy in a statement he made in the House of Lords. He must have had a calling or an order to do so from his Masters I should imagine. 
He also has close links to South Africa, and one of the things that the political establishment are very good at is in hiding the fact that Africa has been stripped of its natural resources for decades. Hain also needs to answer some questions about what documents he held in his safe about the Arms to Iraq affair, and what correspondence he had with convicted, on-the-run fraudster “Tara” Andrea Davison (who used to run a fake passport and share certificate operation out of Manchester House, 32 Bangor Street, Y Felinheli, as well as an honey trap with Russian prostitutes out of 13-14 Menai View Terrace in Bangor, wore fake wigs as she went to pick up and send mail at Bangor Post Office and use TAMARA ROTHSCHILD as an alias. 

Hain is also well-connected to Labour Party organiser Jonathan Mendelsohn and his close links to Finchley:


Lord Peter Gerald Hain was also a Director of Amara Mining with Algy Cluff until he got rumbled by a certain anti-fraud campaigner. I wonder who? 🤔 

Of course, there’s not just one Amara Mining company.  There are several, all perfectly-orchestrated for the purpose of moving vasts amount of money out of Africa. 






Look how the names and addresses change from one to the other. Here’s another one:


And this:

This is what’s poetically-termed as “dirt.”

See where the “dirt” emanates from? 6 St. James’s Square in London, the home of Rio Tinto…The Queen’s miner, a company currently under investigation for fraud and bribery:





Also, what a coincidence that TAMARA is just like AMARA (as in Mining) but without the T, eh? All hidden in plain sight.


Hain was also a Non-Exec Director of African Potash as well:

Another key player within the media is Lord Tony Hall of Birkenhead, the wobbly-handed Director General of the BBC and liveryman at the Worshipful Company of Painters and Stainers at Painter’s Hall, the correspondence address for Ponzi scam Anglesey Mining Plc – a company with a 300metre shaft with the same design as a Finnish Nuclear Waste Repository named after a deceased Welsh so-called Mining Executive (Dr. Hugh Morris) who was on the Board of Directors of the World Nuclear Association. Join the dots. 





Former Welsh Secretary of State for Wales under Maggie Thatcher, Nicholas Edwards, the now deceased Lord Crickhowell of Tonypandy was also on the Board of Anglesey Mining around the time that the shaft was being sunk and the Trawsfynydd Nuclear Power Station was being decommissioned.  


Here’s a bit of BBC propaganda for you, a nice bit of deflection:


Meanwhile, the farce that is Brexit continues to spew out bile. Both sides of the In or the Out camps are just as much to blame for trying to score political points. But one man in particular, Nigel Farage, has ridden the bandwagon for his own gain for quite some time now and has made a nice little earner from the institution that he blames for having unelected bodies making a mint for themselves…a bit like the House of Lords in fact.  

Farage has been touring Britain with a chauffeur and a possie of ineffective bodyguards who couldn’t stop a thickshake from splashing their suited political wannabe, all funded by insurance mogul Arron Banks. 


Banks is closely-linked to billionaire Jim Mellon, son of Sir James Mellon


This is all just a political game, of course, and big political names are drafted in to make their strategy look plausible. 


It is a deliberate ploy to distract and deceive the public so that they don’t know who they can trust. Meanwhile, £millions of dirty money is being laundered around the world and investors get scammed. 

It is the same modus operandi within many oil, gas and mining firms. They follow the same process, from Range Resources, Red Rock Resources, Red Emperor, Anglesey Mining and Desire Petroleum to name but few. It’s about deflection and distraction, using paid agents to boost their share price by pretending that it is a valid investment which is nothing but a Ponzi scam.  Invariably, it’s about stealing money from unsuspecting, hard-working people who are just trying to make a better future for themselves and their families.

At Pandora’s Box Investigations Limited we will always try our very best to help those who have been badly affected by professional con artists on the Stock Exchange.