The DO NOT TOUCH companies

In no particular order here are some of the “Pump and Dump” fraud making companies that have been found to be dirty. They are an assortment of current and dissolved comoanies. When you dig into who’s involved (or has been involved) in them hopefully you’ll understand why:-
Arlington Associates Ltd

 Lonrho Limited and their network of Lonrho subsidiaries connected to such luminaries as Geoffrey Trevor White, and Ambassador Frances Dee Cook:


Vatukoula Gold Mines Plc – including people like David Anthony Lenigas,  Lord Colin Orr-Ewing, Ian John Stalker and Donald Ian George Layman Strang. At the time of writing (7th February 2020) the company’s Net worth is -£42,923 million!

Leni Gas Oil – You only need to know the name David Anthony Lenigas to know that you should run a mile from any company associated with him. If you’ve been to any investor roadshow or meeting you’ll hear gasps of disgust when hearing his name, and with good reason when you see how many different companies and I.D. reference numbers he uses as he suns himself up in tax haven Monaco:

Solo Oil Plc – another Lenigas scam production linked to Pinsent Masons (the clue is in the name) operating out of 1 Park Row, Leeds and Suite 3B, Princes House,  38 Jermyn Street, London.

Rare Earth Minerals – here’s another company that was formed out of 38 Jermyn Street:

GCM Resources Plc – another Lenigas and Strang special:

Jubilee Platinum – here’s the share price, currently going down at the time of writing:

Mediterranean Oil and Gas – currently trying to attract investors in meetings in Cyprus:

Falklands Oil and Gas (which merged with Rockhopper Exploration Plc – part of Rockhopper Resources) in 2017:

Heritage Oil

Royal Petroleum 

RAB Capital Plc

RAB Special Situations Fund

Ortac Resources

Dragon Oil Plc – based in Dubai and currently showing 0.00p and no movement within the company’s shares.

Hot Tuna Plc – no activity since 2012:

Caza Oil and Gas –

Polo Resources – shares not looking healthy and on a downward trend for months at the time of writing:

Matra Petroleum – looks as if it’s all over and the shareholders are not happy:

Kalahari Minerals – why would a company be dissolved with £28 million Net worth I wonder?

Extract Resources – a Uranium exploration company based in Namibia that was bought out by a Chinese entity in 2012:

Petra Diamonds

Fortune Oil – based in Hong Kong. No movement in share price since 2014:

Petrel Resources – based in Dubin, Ireland with Tony Buckingham on the Board, not good:

Sunrise Resources – Another Pump and Dump:

Sirius Minerals –

Xcite Energy

Enegi Oil – a dissolved company from Manchester:

SolGold (formerly Solomon Gold) Plc – an Australian Gold and Copper mining company. Shares today are currently going up, but beware.

Nyota Minerals – not active for over 3 years:

Dragon Oil Plc – taken off the London Stock Exchange market in September 2014:

Bahamas Petroleum – be very careful of this one in case you get your fingers burnt:

Faroe Petroleum – now under change of ownership by Norwegian oil and gas company DNO:

Border and Southern Petroleum – another one not to touch:

Beowulf Mining – on a downward trend for months:

Berkeley Mineral Resources – had mining licence terminated in Zambia 2 years ago:

Nostra Terra Oil and Gas – another on a 3 month downward share price trend:

Empyrean Energy – beware of the share rampers:

Kea Petroleum – was wound up and liquidated in December 2015:

Serabi Mining – be careful.

Anglesey Mining Plc – Where do we start with this one? Hasn’t mined anything since the current company was formed in 1984 or the previous company (Anglo Canadian Exploration before that) – over 50 years!
Their interim loss widens and they are asking for further funding. To do what exactly!?
Steer clear of this one at all costs! The share ramping agents such as Brenthag and Divermike are on a mission:

Tullow Oil – another one on a downer:

Baobab Resources – no activity since 2014 and with debts of £3million:

Pan African Resources – be careful of this one. It’s  connected to St. James’s Place (SJP).

Paragon Diamonds – remember,  the AIM is a casino with odds very much stacked against you.

Archipelago Resources – was a Perth based company until it was de-listed on the Stock Exchange:

Patagonia Gold – Argentinian based company bought out by Canadian company Hunt Mining Corp. Plenty of share ramping ctivity with this one:

Green Dragon Gas – the facts speak for themselves:

Atlantic Coal – debt the problem here:

Gem Diamonds – diamonds are not always a best friend:

Valiant Petroleum – bought out by Ithaca Petroleum:

Nautical Petroleum – linked to Colin Bird from Cairn Energy, and also Malcolm Alec Burne from Anglesey Mining Plc:

Ormode Mining – notice a Dive of Death in December:

Alkane Energy – methane producing company from abandoned coal mines bought out by Infinis:

Egdon Resources – not much going on here apart from the promise of Shell getting in on the action and the sharing of an article from 25 years ago on the share chat. Another case of pointless ramping:
Rambler Metals and Mining 

Persian Gold – talk of links to Iran and Nuclear.

Salamander Energy – was acquired by Ophie Energy in 2015, which was recently acquired by Medco Energy Global Pte:

GGG Resources – no activity since 2011:

Gemfields – Johannesburg company hasn’t traded on AIM since 2017:

North River Resources – officers registered to 1A, 38 Jermyn Street in London, where Lenigas et al are connected to:
Sea Energy
Aquarius Platinum Limited – nothing on share chat since 2015:

Minerva Resources – not worth it:

Victoria Oil and Gas – another on a downward trend

Paladin Resources -linked to boiler room 50 Lothian Road in Edinburgh. Not worth a risk:

Sylvania Resources – the broker says that it’s a “strong buy” but that’s only because the share price has dropped for this platinum producing company. Beware:

Churchill Mining Plc – Game Over:

Carlton Resources – Plc company closed in 2016, and Carlton Resources Solutions went into administration in 2019:

Ethiopia Resources – KEFI – share price all over the place:

Novena Energy Plc – liquidated. Now under the Infinis name.

Clyde Petroleum – dissolved:

Emed Mining – Rio Tinto sniffing

Amur Minerals – a 3 month downward trend on this Russian company:

Stellar Diamonds – caution is the key:

Alba Minerals – of course the Broker will say that this us a good buy, but anything linked to the “Gatwick Gusher” that is Horse Hill (and Lenigas) is worth walking a mile away from:

Vane Minerals – don’t even bother looking.

Thor Minerals – had Andrew Bell on the Board.  Not worth it. He just runs a mile when confronted with the facts about his other companies.

And, finally, 
Range Resources – Well, you only need to look at the downward trend over a three year period for this company (as well as the many investors who have approached Pandoras Box Investigations Limited who have said that they have lost £thousands, sometimes in the £hundreds of thousands).

So, there you have it. This is just a brief glimpse into some of the companies who operate on the AIM and LSE markets who we would urge not to touch (and those who have been dissolved where people lost their investments). 
Remember, do your due diligence and research before investing in any company on either the penny stock market or the main London Stock Exchange because you might get your fingers burnt otherwise.