The Gateskeepers

Want to know how the Pirbright Institute (funded by Bill Gates) is linked to Anglesey Mining? Let me show you.
This shows the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the WHO connection to the vaccination programme:

They do animal-testing:

I repeat, Bill and Melinda Gates fund the testing on animals for a vaccine programme.

Pirbright is also connected to The Queen!

One of the companies associated with Pirbright is Terrington Management:

Geoffrey Edwin Pattie is involved in it:

He takes us into SCL Group:-

Which takes us straight into SDG Registrars and SDG Secretaries from 41 Chalton Street in London named in the Offshore Leaks by the ICIJ:

This one is another money-moving player:

He takes us to Pan African Resources:

Which, in turn, takes to Malcolm Alec Burne:

As you can see…Anglesey Mining Plc.

Notice that Bottomley also takes us to Solo Oil…Lenigas and Strang territory: