Pandora’s Box

Ever found yourself thinking that you’re “onto something” and you can’t help yourself from finding out more about it? Well, that is why Pandora’s Box Investigations Limited was created. It’s a fraud investigation company specialising in the Oil, Gas and Mining companies primarily, that is its specialism, but it will look investigate other avenues, too.

‘The Finchley Road Fraud’ is an expose by Pandoras Box Investigations Limited, a fraud busting company specialising in going after white-collar criminals operating cash-gutting, asset-stripping companies on all Stock Exchange Markets across the world via an industrial-scale money-laundering operation network connected to politicians,  entertainers and business people alike.

Our focus is on prevention rather than cure. We encourage people looking to invest their savings or investments to come to us first so that we can check the validity of the companies, their histories and who the Directors of the businesses are. We assist investors and clients on a No Win/No Fee consultancy basis.

We are a Limited company specifically-created to stop fraudsters and Ponzi scheme peddlers in their tracks by ex RAF Engineer and Miner Gordon Bowden.

Our objective is to ensure that as many people are aware of who’s involved in which company so that they can make a valued judgement as to whether to invest with that company or not. We can also show why countries are struggling with austerity measures, why the emergency and public services are being deliberately under-funded and how pension pots are being pilfered by an organised crime network connected to the corridors of power in Westminster and the City of London.

We can show how money is being moved and hidden offshore in tax haven jurisdictions via a well-proven technique that works.

We have commendation from investors and professional private investigators alike, including Swiss-French investigators currently working a £multi-billion fraud case.

If you have concerns about an investment or want to know more about what we do then please do get in touch with us at Pandoras Box Investigations Limited. We will be more than happy to help. Leave a comment below or visit the website where you will find our contact details and more about what we do and what we’ve uncovered:

Essentially, the aim of the game is to Follow The Money.  Pandora’s Box Investigations Limited are specialists in the field of fraud and are experts in getting forensic evidence that can be backed up in a Court of Law. It has assisted Areva Nuclear France with an investigation into a fraud case against Uramin Inc. and has helped win a case against a fraudster that was linked to 788-790 Finchley Road tthat was eventually sent to Prison for 6 years. The facts speak for themselves.

It’s simple. Just…


There is more where that came from. Want to know more? Please get in touch on 07772005238 where your call can be directed to any of the Directors or Associates of the Pandora’s Box Investigations Limited team, via email at , or you can contact via Facebook on:

Pandora’s Investigations Limited Directors:

Gordon Bowden

David Veitch

Peter Bromfield

Jo-anne Sollis

Gareth Williams

Andrew Rowe

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