Pandora’s Box

Ever found yourself thinking that you’re “onto something” and you can’t help yourself from finding out more about it? Well, that is why Pandora’s Box Investigations Limited was created. It’s a fraud investigation company specialising in the Oil, Gas and Mining companies primarily, that is its specialism, but it will look investigate other avenues, too.

Essentially, the aim of the game is to Follow The Money.  Pandora’s Box Investigations Limited are specialists in the field of fraud and are experts in getting forensic evidence that can be backed up in a Court of Law. It has assisted Areva Nuclear France with an investigation into a fraud case against Uramin Inc. and has helped win a case against a fraudster that was linked to 788-790 Finchley Road that eventually sent to Prison for 6 years. The facts speak for themselves.

Want to see how Pandora’s Box Investigations Limited can trace British Prime Minister Theresa May to the Finchley Road Fraud network?

Let’s start here:
(I’ve avoided the donors with “common” names where you can’t be sure which one of the multi name directors they are in Companies House records)
Starting with Atul Pathak:
Well it was about time 44 Upper Belgrave Road Clifton came up!
Onto Ravinder Singh Gidar:
Sunmark Ltd:
Nicholas Campsie:
Alexia Florman (yes there’s more to it with you than just analysing your writing!):
IPGL (Michael Spencer – need I say any more?)
Leopold Noe:
Hmmm….Jewish Leadership Council, Greville Janner and Poju Chaim Zabludowicz (Bullionaire Finnish-born arms trader and Conservative Party donor) – I won’t go down that rabbit hole
…and Goldcat Limited:
Patricia Roeser:
Sir Michael Hintze (oh that one who donates to Caroline Nokes as well!)
Johan Christofferson:
Oh, Calleva Park couldn’t miss some of the action could it!
Onto the Maidenhead constituency donors:
Renaissance Leadership International Ltd:
Beeson and Sons Ltd (Hertford Milner King):
Ultima Business Solutions – the director Peter Scott Macdonald is also a director of Ingenious Film Partners 2 LLP:
Bearwood Corporate Services (now Impellam Ventures Ltd (Belize and British Virgin Islands links – nothing untoward going on there then with Northtown Ltd and Southtown Ltd):
Oh our good friends Brian Reid and Stephen Mabbott Ltd with Southtown:
and Northtown:

How about the Speaker of the House of Commons?

Meanwhile, lets move onto Mr Speaker (John Bercow):
Sir David Garrard (some protection from cyber attack!):
Sun Mark Ltd:
Lord Michael Levy (time for Clifford Donald Wing to appear on the radar):
He’s also a director of the Jewish Leadership Council – funny how they’ve donated to Treason May and the Speaker, no attempt to buy influence there!
Nimax Theatres Ltd – Keith Michael Turner is a director:
and of this;
and of this (it was about time 15 Golden Square came into view);
APX Autopart Express Ltd (55 Baker Street again!);
Now here’s a real firecracker – London College of Accountancy Ltd (Ravi Gill);
So the grand dame of Finchley Road’s breeding of the next generation.
Biteback Publishing (Iain Dale is a director):
Iain Dale also happens to be a director of Iain Dale Ltd / Total Politics Ltd and Politico’s Design Ltd:
Not much involvement with the syndicate there then Iain!
Vascroft Contractors (they have linked directors to Vas Energy Brokers):
(47-49 Green Lane Northwood, Ela Shah)
Trust Reservations Ltd (hello Norman and Miriam Younger):
and the final firework to end the night – Madhu’s Ltd:
He’s also been accused of bullying:
Well Mr Speaker, I for one find you bang out of ORDER.
It’s simple. Just…


There is more where that came from. Want to know more? Please get in touch on 07772005238 where your call can be directed to any of the Directors or Associates of the Pandora’s Box Investigations Limited team, via email at , or you can contact via Facebook on:

Pandora’s Investigations Limited Directors:

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