When is a mine not a mine?

Have you seen this man?

He is Derek William “Bill” Hooley, CEO of Anglesey Mining Plc:

He is not what he portrays himself to be. He is a scared man. He has done a runner because he knows that the game is up and is trying to dig himself out of an hole. You see, at Pandora’s Box Investigations Limited team we believe that he knows that we are onto him, and that he is trying everything to ramp up shares of a worthless pile of dirt before he gets his collar felt by the cops. He knows that the game is up because he no longer lives at the Colwyn Bay address that he has registered at with Companies House, as we have found out by visiting the address. He lives elsewhere now and according to the new owners of the house didn’t give a forwarding address to them.  He hasn’t updated his address with Companies House either. I wonder why? Isn’t that peculiar?

Not declaring correct information at Companies House is a criminal offence, but we all know how Companies House scrutinise things there, don’t we? We know how much due diligence they carry out on companies and directors. There’s absolutely no fraud going on; no loopholes to exploit whatsoever.

Of course, the correspondence address for Anglesey Mining Plc is 8-9 Little Trinity Lane in London, the address for a Masonic Lodge that Lord Tony Hall, the Director General of the BBC is a liveryman at the Worshipful Company of Painters at Stainers no less. 


I wouldn’t want His Lordship to come round to paint my house with his wobbly hand, would you?
On the Anglesey Mining website it states that a scoping study was done by a company called Micon International and Fairport Engineering Limited. 

Well, if you check Bill Hooley’s link to Companies House you will find that he set up Micon International. Absolutely no similarity to it sounding like My Con, and no insider information or conflict of interest there at all, of course.That wouldn’t be the Freemason way to deceive whilst giving clues in plain sight now, would it? 

Anglesey Mining Plc is a company that hasn’t done any mining in all of the 34 years that it has been in operation other than dig a 300metre shaft with offshoot galleries (tunnels), and leave head gear (winding mechanism) that has been allowed to rust there on top of Parys Mountain ever since.  But, what people don’t know is that there is no air vent down that shaft should they want to do any actual mining. 
The company that was contracted to sink the shaft on Parys Mountain was Cementation Mining:

Cementation Mining work for Nirex:


Nirex is short for the Nuclear Industry Radioactive Waste Executive

They compiled a report on the possible sites for Nuclear waste and lo and behold Anglesey and the Llýn Peninsula were prime areas because of the hard rock ground in the area. If you click on the link you’ll find this to be the case on the map provided by Nirex Ltd:

The 300 metre shaft at Parys Mountain is called the Morris shaft after a Welsh mining executive based in Canada (Dr. Hugh Morris), who also happened to a Director of the World Nuclear Association by the way:

It is similar in design to a nuclear waste repository:

Now, why would a mining executive linked to an Anglesey mine need to be on the Board of the World Nuclear Association I wonder? Well, it could well be something that would need to be explored and looked into as a matter of urgency as was picked up in an article in Private Eye:

The Parys Mountain mine at Amlwch is just one of the other mines that the company has on its portfolio. There’s one in Canada (where they have an 11.9% share in) and another one in Sweden (where they have a 6% stake in) , for example…both of which are also non-producing mines. 

Coincidence? I think not!
Hooley is not a mining executive.  He is a professional con man out to dupe gullible investors into parting with their cash in a Ponzi scheme linked to an offshore account to a parent company based in Bermuda called Juno Limited. It’s all a con…a scam…and there’s nowhere out of it for Hooley and his apron-wearing possie with wobbly hands. 

So, if you see him on your travels, or if you are even contemplating on investing in Anglesey Mining Plc take this advice: don’t approach him or anyone from the company at any cost. TAKE A WIDE BERTH! Neither he, his co-directors or any of the agents working as door-slammers (people who work as agents to ramp up shares and block any criticism of the company in various slanderous name-calling ways) on his behalf are to be trusted. They are all con-artists, and it is only a matter of time before they spend the rest of their days behind bars.

I mean, think about it. How can a company be trusted to be carrying an “independent” assessment of the site by QME when it’s own Directors (John Francis Kearney and Danesh Varma) are co-directors with a director of QME? Isn’t there a distinct and clear proof of a conflict of interest?

This is nothing but a complete farce. These are not “Mining Executives.” These are pathological liars LINING their own pockets.