‘E who Dares…

Anyone remember the Del Boy from the ‘Only Fools and Horses’ sitcom:

” ‘E who dares wins”?

Well, there is more truth to that than what people might realise.

Have a read of the article that Gordon Bowden and Peter Eyre wrote in 2011 (below):-

It gives an outline of how ex SAS Commanders Brigadier Aldwin James Glendinning Wight and Mark Blagborough, Kroll Security, Arlington Associates,  Ambassador Frances Dee Cook are all inter-connected to a massive asset-strip of RBS Bank from it being £millions in the black to it being £trillions in the red, and it all happened without the general public batting an eyelid. 
Brigadier Wight wasn’t happy with the Government’s support of troops Afghanistan in 2009. Here he is talking to ITN at the time:



Here’s a little bit of background information on him:

Brigadier Aldwin Wight, OBE, MC (retd.)
Brigadier Aldwin Wight is the Chairman of Arlington, having formerly been the Deputy CEO of Kroll Security International, focusing on Business Development.
Aldwin served in the British Army for twenty two years, predominantly as an officer in the Special Air Service (SAS), which he commanded in the early 1990s. During his time in Special Forces he saw operational service in many parts of the world, including the Falklands conflict; for his service there he was awarded the Military Cross. He later devised and oversaw UK military anti-narcotics policy for support to the government of Colombia. As the SAS Commanding officer he was responsible for the Regiment on its first ever deployment in support of the UN – the opening up of the Muslim pockets in Bosnia in 1994. He received the OBE in 1995.
Away from Special Forces, he served as Chief of Staff of Britain’s only airborne brigade, and was both a student and an instructor at the Army Staff College. He held a number of other high profile staff appointments, including Deputy Chief of Staff Special Forces during the Gulf War, Military Assistant to the General Officer Commanding Northern Ireland and Colonel Planning Staff – a post responsible to the Commanders-in-Chief for all the UK’s military contingency plans.
After leaving the British Army in 1997, Aldwin commanded the Sultan of Oman’s Special Force as an Omani Brigadier. He devised and implemented a five-year plan, which achieved a complete regeneration of the two thousand man force. He was present on the National Security Council of Oman for all security and counter-terrorist issues. As such, his understanding of Middle-Eastern affairs is profound. He was awarded the Military Order of Oman in 2001.
Here are the companies that he has been registered to over the years:-


The Brigadier is linked to Arlington Associates here, but with a slight variation in the spelling of his name (Aldwyn and not Aldwin as before). Take note of the Hereford address:

Some information on Hereford here:

You’ll notice that Arlington Associates Ltd (not spelt Limited) is linked to ex SAS officer Mark Dominic Blagborough, and Geoffrey White from Lonrho:

Well, Mark Blagborough also uses a variation on his name, “Blagbrough”. So, instead of a Borough it’s a Brough:

In particular,  have a look at Arrakis Services (registered at Ship Canal House, King Street in Manchester):

This takes us to Hermes House, Firefly Avenue, Swindon:

Fire Fly Avehttps://maps.app.goo.gl/x3gUFjpbA6aqDaCZA

Swindon is not far from Porton Down in Salisbury, where Dr. David Kelly used to work, by the way.
Blagborough/Blagbrough was also connected to Culver Iraq, a British-owned insurance company linked to brokers Lloyd’s of London with Jonathan Biles:

Frances Dee Cook was a Non-Executive Director of Arlington Associates Ltd.

Arlington Associates Ltd had Geoffrey Trevor White from Lonrho as a Director.  Well, Lonrho is well-known for its asset-stripping operations.

You’ll also probably remember Princess Diana walking through a landmine area of Angola wearing a bullet-proof vest with Halo Trust on the front of it (same as Prince Harry wore a few years ago)


What you might not know is that some of the people linked to the The Halo Trust have been linked to people who have been behind attacks on other countries in the first place, e.g. Brigadier Aldwin James Glendinning Wight for one (mentioned earlier)!

Notice the registered address for The Halo Trust being 50 Broadway, London – where ex Prime Minister Tony Blair moved his Windrush Ventures Limited company to from 788-790 Finchley Road and set up Firerush Ventures Limited companies there, too.



So, you should start to get a picture now of why Iraq was invaded, and so many innocent people died in the process. 
Pandoras Box Investigations Limited will continue to expose the corruption within the corridors of power.  Make no mistake of that.