The Suspicious Death of a Miner

You may never have heard of him but Mark Michael Wellesley-Wood was a person of interest, in many ways.
He was a “mining magnate” with connections in and around the Saint James’s Square – the inner sanctum of the City of London…the head of the snake… and South Africa.
He made a lot of money from Gold, but like anybody when they get power and wealth they want more. So, he had his fingers in a few pies, including a defunct mine in Sweden, similar to the dormant one on Mynydd Parys / Parys Mountain on Ynys Môn / Anglesey. 
Wellesley-Wood was a previous Director of a Swedish company called Grangesburg Iron, a subsidiary of Anglesey Mining Plc.
But, his death could only be classed as suspicious given his connections and who he was involved with.

You see, Mark Michael Wellesley-Wood came to the same sudden demise as South African mining boss Brett Kebble who was shot in his car by an hitman as he approached his driveway.
Listen to author Mandy Wiener describe the dodgy dealings of Brett Kebble and his ultimate demise, just before he was going to come clean and expose the crooks he worked with:

Wellesley-Wood was in a similar predicament. He had found himself in the snake pit and had no way of escaping before something were to happen to him. 
When ABC, the Australian broadcasting channel wanted to make an exposé documentary on its 4 Corners programme (similar to Panorama or Dispatches) on the movement of money within the inner circle of the City of London they contacted Wellesley-Wood, who showed them around one of the St. James’s Square addresses in London.  Only those with connections or wobbly handshakes would yield this kind of power. 
The documentary was called ‘Bad Company,’ and it was discussed and presented to the people of Amlwch at the Community  Centre there by the late, great Gordon Bowden.  If you click on the links (below) you’ll be able to see:

There is an interesting twist to all of this, of course. Let me show you how.
If you click on the the directorcheck link (below) you’ll see that Wellesley-Wood had a number of business interests, one of which was Eurang Plc.

Note the address…9 Little Trinity Lane, Painter’s Hall, London – the same Masonic Hall address that Anglesey Mining Plc has as its correspondence address and where Lord Tony Hall of Birkenhead is a liveryman at.

Here is the correspondence address for Anglesey so-called “Mining” Plc:-

Here is the wikipedia bio for Lord Hall, the Director General of the BBC:,_Baron_Hall_of_Birkenhead

Tony Hall is well-connected with the Paul Hamlyn Foundation:-

As you can see, Lord Hall is a co-director with Anthony Salz and some other important people, which if you will scroll down you’ll see who I mean:

What’s important to understand here is how Painter’s Hall is a cesspit for money-laundering, and is how Anglesey Mining Plc moves its money via the Alternative Investment Market (A.I.M.), the London Stock Exchange (L.S.E) and offshore tax haven Bermuda via its Directors Danesh Kumar Varma (and Juno Limited) and Roger William Turner.  Both Varma and Turner are also connected to Eurang Plc which Wellesley-Wood was part of. Starting to get the picture?

Why did Wellesley-Wood die in such suspicious circumstances then I wonder?
A clue would be in the BBC connection. Not just via its Director General Tony Hall, but also through its Chairman David Clementi.

Notice how he is connected to Virgin Money and Rio Tinto, based at 6 St. James’s Square in London.

Rio Tinto, also known as “The Queen’s Miner” is connected to a series of fraud and bribery allegations against it:

But, what has this all to do with Anglesey Mining, and why did Mark Wellesley-Wood allegedly take his own life?
Well, he was probably trying to cover his own arse when he was interviewed by ABC 4 Corners for one thing. Could he have been close to cracking and was about to blow the lid on the operation, just like Brett Kebble was about to? Could there have been a guilty conscience bubbling inside Wellesley-Wood about who he was involved with perhaps? 
Either way, whichever way we look at it, there is a very strong possibility that Anglesey Mining Plc is being used as a front company for a  secret nuclear waste repository, namely the Morris shaft –  the design of which is commensurate with that of a nuclear waste repository in Finland. The company hasn’t mined anything in over 50 years of operation yet is fronting as a PLC company on the London Stock Exchange, and is connected to the Masonic Lodge in London that Lord Tony Hall, the current Director General of the BBC who has outlined will be stopping down from this role in the coming months, is a liveryman at. 
Painter’s Hall, which is linked to numerous Ponzi scam companies connected to the Directors of Anglesey Mining Plc and their movements of monies to Bermuda, Cyprus, Australia, Canada, and so on. They also have a similar so-called “mine” in Canada (Labrador Iron Ore) and Sweden (Grangesburg Iron, mentioned earlier).

So, why is it that the lack of activity at Anglesey Mining Plc (set up in September 1984 in its current form but goes back further than that), a “supposed” mining company that hasn’t done any mining even though there have been times when the price of zinc and copper per tonne have been at record rates recently is concerning and something that needs to be looked into with a fine tooth comb? 
What with all the hoo-haa about Hitachi pulling out of a Nuclear Power Station deal that would generate jobs to the area (75% of which from outside of the area by the way), with Anglesey Aluminium having closed a few years ago, and with Rehau having laid people off on Anglesey you’d think that the Council and the business community would be pushing for a firm that has the potential to bring in jobs to the small town of Amlwch considering that there are so few jobs in the area, wouldn’t you? But, apparently not. Anglesey County Council, the Welsh Assembly Member Rhun ap Iorwerth (A.M) and Victoria Crosbie (M.P.) would rather there be a push for jobs within the Nuclear economy rather than try and concentrate on an industry, mining, which Wales historically has a rich background in. 

This has got nothing to do with safeguarding the environment or the health of the local population you understand. Oh no. “They”, the politicians and their puppet-masters who pull their strings don’t want the public to know that there is a greater risk of leukaemia in under 5 year old children within the surrounding area of a Nuclear Power Station than anywhere else. That is scientifically-proven.
They would rather the public, desperate for jobs, be outraged that a company has pulled out of creating jobs that it was promising for the area rather than concentrate on stopping Wales from becoming a dumping ground (both literally and politically-speaking) for the rest of the country.
Could it be that the Council, et al, have given up hope about Anglesey Mining Plc ever doing any kind of mining at all looking at its history of Government/Taxpayer-funded inactivity over what is now its 35th year of non-production, and would rather go after a White Elephant solution and build another concrete monstrosity at Wylfa Newydd (“New Wylfa”) to replace the original “Old” one with its leaking dry store and dangerous, radio-active waste that they don’t know what to do with? Or, is there something else that they are not telling the public about they have a right to know but is being covered up in a big “hush, hush” scandal? Not all politicians, of course, there are a few exceptions. But they are few and far between.
The Morris Shaft at Parys Mountain (the one that was sunk in 1990-91 by Cementation Mining – who work for Sellafield – around the time that the Trawsfynydd Nuclear Power Station was decommissioned) was named after Dr. Hugh Morris who lived in Vancouver before he died. You see, not only has Anglesey Mining Plc got a connection to the London Stock Exchange and the AIM (formerly known as the Alternative Investment Market) but it is also heavily connected through its Directors to the Canadian one as well.
Dr. Hugh Morris was connected to the Canadian Zinc Corporation with John Francis Kearney, the Chairman of Anglesey Mining Plc, another company that hasn’t done any mining, just like Grangesburg Iron Ore in Sweden that they own:
In addition, you will find that Dr. Hugh Morris was also connected to the Nuclear industry:
Not only that but another ex Director of Anglesey Mining Plc called Manfred Binder is also linked to Nuclear industry:
This must, surely, beg the question as to why would a mining executive (or anyone with an interest in the nuclear industry for that matter) be involved in nuclear need to be on the Board of Directors of a Nuclear firm? Doesn’t it? Do you see what I am getting at?
Here is a list from Edinburgh University of possible radio-active waste sites in the UK. If you scroll down you will notice a big red blob covering Anglesey, as well as part of Cumbria (where the Sellafield Nuclear Power Station, who use Nirex as a contractor, is):
There has been speculation for a long while about “secret nuclear waste disposal sites.” In this article from 2005, for instance, you will notice possible sites being mentioned, but these are ones that people were aware about. What if there are others that have been kept deliberately quiet (for obvious reasons) from the public with a well-conceived cover-up so as not to cause an outcry? If there was nuclear waste stored under a major town or city like Warrington or Manchester there would be protests or even riots on the streets. But, what about a quiet little town like Amlwch on the edge of the Irish Sea? Out of sight, out of mind?
Also, another deceased ex Director of Anglesey Mining Plc called Kenneth Barry Smale-Adams was also linked to Rio Tinto, based at 6 St. James’s Square, Londdon, currently under investigation for fraud) and only a few doors down from Chatham House (No.10) and BP (No.3).
Here is a link to the Guardian about the fraud investigation into Rio Tinto:
So, I think you’ll find that there is every reason for us to question what goes on at Anglesey Mining Plc because there is a trail of non-activity and an audit trail of money disappearing into thin air, yet the taxpayer has to prop the company up. 
You will see, for example, that the company currently has a Net Worth of Negative £3 million:
I would also like some answers to Anglesey Mining’s use of Beaufort Securities as a broker before they went bust…another company under investigation for “Pump and Dump” fraud:
Surely, Anglesey Mining Plc need to answer where has all the money that it has received by the taxpayer to prop it up gone. Even after decades of raising funds by attracting investors and receiving grants by Anglesey County Council and having not mined a single thing, the company is STILL operating at a Loss on the London Stock Exchange with over £3 million in the red. Only a few months ago it was -£2million. So, where has the money gone? Given that the company is owned by Juno Limited based in Bermuda one can very comfortably gather by now that the company is being asset-stripped by its Directors and that the taxpaying public propping it up are being duped by team of Ponzi Scam artisrs. Don’t forget, a company in the red doesn’t pay any taxes because how can it pay taxes if the company is showing to be making a loss? The likes of big organisations putting their accounts in offshore tax havens know that so as not to pay corporation tax, so do they.  That, my friends, is how they do it and has been their tax-avoiding modus operandi for decades.
Of course, when they know that the heat is on them they try and do a runner, just like Derek William Hooley the CEO is trying to do and we get ‘404 File not found’ occasionally. Obviously, somebody doesn’t want anyone sniffing around for information about that they don’t want people to know, eh?
Finally, I would urge you to listen to this recording (in particular to what is being said 12 minutes in!) and find out for yourself whether Anglesey Mining Plc are covering up what can only be described as the BIGGEST POLITICAL COVER-UP SCANDAL AROUND and answer the allegations being made against them:
All I can say to anyone that is remotely interested in looking at what goes on within the Nuclear industry that they, firstly, have a look at what Anglesey Mining Plc are trying to hide and then look at the money trail that is attached to British Nuclear Fuels and why Rolls-Royce are now going cap in hand to the British Government to ask for a £200 million subsidy to take over the baton that Hitachi dropped on the Government.
The pro Trident Government will want spent nuclear fuel rods for their submarines somehow. If they can’t get it from Anglesey Then they will look to setting up a New Killer Power Station in the North East (where Nissan is pulling out of) or, possibly, around Swindon (where Honda will be pulling out of and relocating production back to Japan. One way or another this stinking Tory Government will do anything to destroy our country and to hell with the consequences for the individual.  I mean, is this a country to be proud of anymore? What exactly does it produce apart from lying, corrupt politicians?
You see, once you realise what these people are up to you’ll soon understand that politicians on all sides of the political equation don’t give a crap about you or I. All they care about is keeping things quiet and diverting people’s attention from the stuff that really matters. The very fact that they are trying to dissolve the NHS proves in itself that they don’t give a toss about our health. 
The risk of pollution from nuclear radiation is far too great a burden to leave as a legacy for our loved ones. But, politicians don’t think like that. They are short-termist ego-maniacs with an Agenda to further their own careers and line their own pockets, even to the detriment of the constituents who they are suposed to represent and who, ultimately, pay their salaries. Once you see this you’ll get to the nitty-gritty and see how far down the rabbit hole (or, indeed the shaft) this goes. But, that’s a different story that every politician in the land doesn’t want to talk about, of course, because they would rather us be distracted by Brexit or who is leaving which party because of it. Yawn. Let’s get to the REAL story that they don’t want people to know about…that they are a lying bunch of toe-rags putting people’s lives at risk…all in the name of Greed and Money and they have fake companies and agents and Directors working for them within a vast money-laundering scam network that needa to be exposed! 
It’s never about Us. It’s about Them and their Old Boys Network. 
It’s an Empire, an House of Cards that is bound to collapse sooner later. All Empires do. It’s proven in history, and that time is Now! It’s happening ladies and gentlemen, right in front of your very eyes. Soon, all the politicians with their dirty fingers in all the pies are going to start stabbing each other in the back and show their true colours. It’s only a matter of time now before the whole, corrupt political network will be exposed for what it is…A SHAM!”