Don the Con

With Anglesey Mining Plc looking to raise more cash yet again on 14th September 2019 for a mining project that they have no intention of mining (they would need to de-water the flooded mine first) isn’t it time that we looked at one of their agents – one Donald Norman McCallum based at Deiniolen in North Wales?

Here he is:

Donald Norman McCallum

Here you will find that he was previously a Director of International Safety Components with a certain gentlemen by the name of Cuthbertson who used to be the Accountant for Anglesey Mining.

Also on there is one Daniel John Dwyer. Check out how many companies he’s connected to. It is well into the thousands:

Brimstone Cl

Well, since the last laughable death by powerpoint presentation they did two years ago at the Amlwch harbour museum to ramp up interest with gullible investors where they couldn’t even spell Amlwch properly they are now going to try and do it again. It’s the same, old modus operandi. Pretend that it’s the right time to invest and ask for $millions from the public, just like they have done since the company was formed in 1984 (and prior under other names). Only, it hasn’t quite worked out the way they planned because Gordon Bowden and the Pandoras Box Investigations Limited team have thwarted their plans. The game is up. 

It won’t stop them from trying, however. 
They think that they can pull the wool over people’s eyes with an Anglo Rescue team comprising of one sole Director, namely Donald (“Don the Con”) Norman McCallum.

What’s interesting, however, is that Anglo Rescue Finance Limited is based at 2 Old Brompton Road, London. SW7 3DL.

However, also based at 2 Old Brompton Road in London are Citibox and FedEx Express where you can hire a “virtual office.”

That’s exactly what Jared Brett Rothschild has done as can be seen here on an ICIJ link to the Panama Papers:

It’s probably not a coincidence that Don the Con has chosen to call his company Anglo Finance Limited in the hope of raising dollars for the company because lo and behold the American University of London is registered at the same 2 Old Brompton address, too!

Well, it’s not really a university. It’s a “so-called” university or a “virtual” one involved in some very dodgy activities:

It’s also where Bishop Beamish Management is registered to, which takes us to 788-790 Finchley along with William John Everitt Kerr:

You see, it’s all just a game of deceiving the public. Anglo American Finance Limited is nothing but a “virtual” company, a mail-forwarding address for Don McCallum and the Anglesey Mining possie. It’s just another way of moving money for the Freemason fraternity.

It gets even more interesting because if you delve a little deeper into 2 Old Brompton Road it takes us into 788-790 Finchley Road territory. 

Take a look at this company, for example. It shares the same  Centre 645, 2 Old Brompton Road, London, United Kingdom, SW7 3DQ address in South Kensington as Don the Con has and leads straight into Temple Secretaries from 788-790 Finchley Road. How peculiar? What a coincidence?

Here’s another one, this time a studio company for some actors. How apt?

And this one connected to Michael Andrew Gray:

Mr. Gray has about 50 shades of corruption because he also goes by the name of Gray Michael Andrew with an address in Limassol, Cyprus:

Here are a few more examples of a connection to 2 Old Brompton Road, over 170 in fact:

It doesn’t stop there. Just down the road at 28 Old Brompton Road it takes to a few more, with a cross-over link to the same people connected to 2 Old Brompton Road. Take Mr.Stranos Ltd, for example:

Of course, 28 Old Brompton Road is just another mailbox-forwarding company. This time, instead of Fedex Express it’s Mailboxes Etc. Same principle applies however.

28 Old Brompton Road also happens to be listed in the Panama Papers:

Notice the name Kjartan Rist? Well, it takes us very conveniently to “CON”duit Street (you couldn’t make it up), and to tax haven the Bahamas:

Need we go on? Can you see what’s going on here?
Don the Con and his apron-wearing friends at Anglesey Mining have no intention of visiting 2 Old Brompton Road. Neither do they have any intention of seeing any mining on Parys Mountain.  It is all a game, and Don the Con is a scam agent and a shister.