Nuclear? No thanks!

To truly understand why the British Government is pushing for Nuclear Power as the panacea for the “Green” revolution (as if toxic nuclear radiation that has an Half-Life of 250,000 years is ever going to be clean if it has waste that nobody wants and they are looking at where to store/hide it) you need to #FollowTheMoney.

Take, for example, Cavendish Nuclear who used to be based at Daresbury but are now based at Birchwood in Warrington. Have a look at where the money goes. Let me show you.

The persons with “Significant Control” of Cavendish Nuclear are Babcock Services:

Let’s have a look at Iain Stuart Urquhart, for example. He is linked to Airports, Films, GIBRALTAR (a tax haven, of course), Security, Gas…you name it. The classic way of layering and placement within a sophisticated money-laundering mechanism of FRAGMENTING tax-payer-funded money that should be going back into the community that goes OFFSHORE instead:

As ever with these things, we see a pattern developing and the usual suspects (such as Waterlow Secretaries) come out of the woodwork:

Only Warrington would have a Nuclear Physicist as its Council Leader though. Take a look at Labour Councillor Russell Lindley Bowden from Warrington 2000+:

Of course, Warrington 2000+ is based at the same address as the Warrington Chamber of Commerce with the likes of Stephen Broomhead (CEO of Warrington Borough Council), Terence O’Neill (again from the Council),  Gary Skentelbery from the Warrington Worldwide local rag and, Warrington & Co registered there.

Have a listen to Gary Skentelbery speaking to Warrington South MP (Faisal Rashid) here. The Labour Member of Parliament says that he is against development on green-belt land:

We also know that Labour are pushing forward with its plan to counter the negative effects of climate change. All very commendable, of course, but what is it going to do about the Nuclear problem? What is it going to do to tackle nuclear waste?

If we have a closer look at Warrington under the microscope we start to find patterns of behaviour that seem a little strange to say the least. For instance, Steve Park doesn’t show up as a Director of Warrington & Co at Companies House even though he is the Managing Director, but Broomhead, O’Neill and John Alfred Downes do, as does Dr. Colin Daniels:

Dr. Daniels used to be a Director of Cheshire Chambers International …which leads into 41 Chalton Street in London…which is a money-laundering boiler room address, and is still a Director of Chamber of Commerce North West:

John Alfred Downes used to be on the St. Helens Chamber with his mate Malcolm William Jacskon (who is still there):

So, why are these names significant? 

Well, Downes and Jackson are linked to the network space organisation company called Langtree Daresbury among others from St. James Business Centre on Wilderspool Causeway in Warrington linked to Daresbury, and is not far from Brooksons Limited at 340 Firecrest Court (linked to the son and daughter of Jan du Plessis who used to be the Chairman of Rio Tinto, a mining company that the Queen has shares in and is currently under investigation for fraud). Jan du Plessis also used to be a Director of tobacco firm Rothmans…even though he has never smoked…and is also a member of the governing body of the International Chamber of Commerce – no doubt to keep an eye on who might have a pop at those within the Chambers probably.

Just around the corner to Brooksons are Restons Solicitors at Trinity Chamber, 80 Mandarin Court on Centre Park (linked to an HSBC scam that Nicholas Wilson has mentioned before and Christopher John Reston, who used to Chair the Warrington Chamber of Commerce), not far from where Renaissance House is (where the Hillsborough football disaster investigation was being held) and Steven Broomhead used to be the CEO of the North West Development Agency (NWDA) before he had to resign before he got booted for sending an homophobic/racist joke by text:

Even then he had a close connection with Peel Developments.

Here is the South African du Plessis family connection to Warrington. Have a look at the Incorporation Document that links it to 340 Firecrest Court:

Christopher Reston used to fly in to the UK for his meetings in his private jet from Andorra…a “partial” tax haven no less.

Have a listen to what is being said here by HSBC whistleblower Nicholas Wilson (who stood as an independent against Amber Rudd in Hastings in a General Election) about Restons:

Also, have a look at how the Directors of Restons feed through via Lee Warbuton into his accountancy firm (Voisey & Co) which is linked to Hallmark Secretaries, and is on the opposite side of the road to Warrington Masonic Hall:

Do you see where we are going with this? There is a close correlation between members of the Council to the Chamber of Commerce and movements of money that needs looking into methinks.

Now, this is where it gets really interesting. 

British Nuclear Fuels Limited (BNFL) is now called Sellafield Ltd and has its registered address at Risley in Birchwood, Warrington (not far from a Prison by the way):

So, if we look at one or two Directors of Sellafield Limited it leads, of course, to companies linked to the money-laundering network linked to the infamous pit that is 788-790 Finchley Road, such as Lorraine Ingrid Baldry:

From Jordan Secretaries:

To Vistra Secretaries (Uk Ltd):

To Jason Anthony Burgoyne and his array of Directorships, such as Instant Companies:

You see, if you want to hide money from the general public then you need a model for being able to do so by fragmenting the money into small chunks and moved via fake companies away from prying eyes and inquisitive minds.

Now, Sellafield, of course, is a Nuclear Power Station. But, it still has connections to Warrington via Daresbury and Birchwood.

One of the companies based at Daresury is Dow Schofield Watts. However, one of the partners of the company there – Philip Manley, an ex HMRC colleague – has recently found himself in a spot of bother with the HMRC over tax avoidance charges:

Now, Cavendish Nuclear used to be based at Daresbury before it moved to Birchwood, and when it comes to all things nuclear then if it’s not Daresbury then it’s Birchwood in Warrington that you need to look at. Both places in Warrington are closely-related to each other in one way or another. But, to fully realise the significance of Warrington in the BIGGER PICTURE we need to dig a little deeper and understand the significance of all of this.

If you scroll down to the bottom of this link you will see the connection to BNFL and the name SNC Lavalin. Hmm. Now, where have we heard that name before? Ah yes, a bribery scandal linked to Justin Trudeau…the Prime Minister of Canada no less:

So, as you see, politics plays a key part in all of this, and it is a very dirty and secretive business.

Inevitably, what you will also find is that it is linked to Pinsent MASONS (the clue is in the name), and it is something that people need to be aware of because it is very important. I mean, think about what is being stored at Rosyth in Scotland and why they are looking to move to another location because it is too close to a Royal residence:

Can you imagine if any of these submarines were found to be rusting and leaking waste into the silt or the sea? What’s to say that it isn’t happening right now? Also, what are the implications of nuclear submarines on other ports in the UK? What are the dangers involved in having them docked at port were an emergency to occur? Have a listen to the late, great John Large – the independent nuclear consultant that the Russians went to ask for advice on how to tackle the Chernobyl disaster- explain the dangers to the public of nuclear :-

But, of course, what we fail to remember is that nuclear power is man-made, and what comes with that is waste and what to with it? Where can it be stored, or secretly hidden away from prying aways if necessary? For years, Britain dumped barrels of nuclear waste in the sea, but when anti-nuclear campaigners Greenpeace actively went out to prevent this from happening the Government had to think of other ways and places where nuclear waste could be stored instead of the sea where the barrels could rust and leak. So, inevitably, they had to look for sites inland, somewhere with good rock formation or a big hole in the ground in an old quarry or mine. Somewhere like Wales, for example, or possibly under a mountain in a National Park? Let it not be said that it hasn’t been considered because they are already trying to get local councils in Wales to accept proposals for dumping nuclear waste. Wrexham and Holywell councils have already said no, but who’s to say that they haven’t just secretly dumped it there anyway, as they have done with barrels in the sea in the past?

So, why do we need to #FollowTheMoney on this? Why is it so important? Well, it explains why the people are being Royally screwed over for one. By following the money and the audit trail we can make better and more valued judgements on the people who are in the corridors of power and what they are up to, people who the voting public have elected to supposedly make valued and commonsense judgements on their behalf, and Companies House is a good place to start with this. Take the Rosyth Royal Dockyard, for example:

It’s how money is being moved under people’s noses under the radar for the Government, and it is why Nuclear Power is being pushed as the be-all-and-end-all for electricity generation when, in reality, renewable resources from Nature can do the job just as effectively (if not better) on a fraction of the cost of nuclear power and with little or no waste to speak of. Why do you think they are pushing for Small Modular Reactors (S.M.R.s) with Rolls Royce submarine-inspired engines in proposed new nuclear power stations like the one that they are trying to push onto the public of Ynys Môn / Anglesey with Wylfa?

This isn’t going to go away in a hurry, especially when there are politicians being lobbied and pushed into accepting Nuclear Power on the public’s behalf, a N.I.M.B.Y. (No In My Back Yard) public who are fickle because they don’t want a risky nuclear company on their door-step but will still accept it because they have no J.O.B. – something that keeps them Just Over Broke. There ARE others ways of making money peeps. We don’t have to succumb to the Government and fall into their hands.

Of course, another reason why the Government are still pursuing the toxic nuclear power route is because depleted Uranium and Plutonium from nuclear power stations can be used in NUCLEAR WAR-HEADS! Let that sink in for a moment and ask yourself: what is the BIGGER PICTURE here?

It is a mad world, but it doesn’t have to be this way. We have the power to PUSH BACK and reject any proposals that will put people’s lives at risk.

Back in the day, the powers-at-be used Sir Basil Spence – a “Brutalist” concrete specialist – as the architect for the now decommissioned Trawsfynydd Nuclear Power Station. They wanted to make a concrete monstrosity in the beautiful foothills of Snowdonia look akin to a Welsh castle. I kid you not.

What Spence actually made it look like was an abstract blot on the landscape with two towers strutting from the ground like two ugly columns that don’t belong there. It was the same with the original Wylfa Nuclear Power Station. That, too, sits uneasily within the picturesque Welsh countryside. Like a great, big carbuncle it juts out from the edge of a sea like a big giant lying down with a sore, in-growing, throbbing toe nail.

We didn’t need these these concrete eye-sores in Wales then and we certainly don’t need them now or in the future. But, of course, like everything, it’s a case of “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” when it comes to politicians. We just need to keep reminding them that they can easily be voted out just as quickly as they were voted in.

WE have the power, and our voices are far more powerful than anything nuclear that they can throw at us. Let’s listen to the experts, people who are not afraid to warn us of the dangers of nuclear power, people who are not afraid to say it like it is just because the truth hurts. These are the people that we need to listen to…not the politicians.