Read between the lines.

Whenever there is a story in the News it’s always worthwhile to take a deep breath, do a bit of research, and then sit back and watch what happens before jumping to conclusions as to what’s really going on, and this might be one of those situations with Extinction Rebellion.  

Although I fully appreciate that we need to look after Mother Earth my fear is that some people have their own Agendas for publicity purposes.  Not everyone, of course. There are some well-meaning people who literally are the salt of the Earth. But, that is what worries me. Good, honest people are being used by others as scapegoats because they are willing to protest and be arrested for what they believe is right but which might harm their ability to gain employment in the future because they will have a criminal record. 

Over the last few months the Extinction Rebellion (XR) movement has grown at such a pace and their marches have stopped traffic in London that one has to wonder how have they been able to do this. As ever, the answer lies with funding. I mean, how else could they have bought hundreds of trees for planting? That can’t have been cheap to make a profound statement like that.

Money talks, and wherever there is money there is always someone who wants a piece of it, or ride on the free publicity off the back of it.

Notice the link to Chris Hohn, billionaire American financier. Notice any familiar names here?

Do you see where this goes?

If not, check this out.

Notice anybody famous?

I’ll give you a clue. He’s got a famous Mum whose face is on banknotes and stamps:

So, there is more to this XR movement than meets the eye.

Let’s have a look at which address Dr. Gail Marie Bradbrook, one of the founders of XR is linked to here via @ukplc:

Is this a case of “Do as I say, not as I do” perhaps?

She has concerns about “capitalism” and wants us to “speak the truth.”

Well, alright then Dr Bradbrook. Challenge accepted. Let’s see where this goes, shall we?

Jupiter House, 5 Calleva Park in Aldemaston is a known money-laundering shell company address. Fact!

It is a business unit on an industrial estate near RAF Aldemaston, which was involved with Atomic Bomb testing not too long ago. Look up the address and you will see what I mean.

The irony of it is that Dr. Gail Bradbook from XR is also linked to Professor Prem Sikka (an eminent accountancy lecturer) to the now dissolved Tax Justice Research company.

Here is Professor Sikka talking about the “Pin-Stripe Mafia” involved in “Tax Avoidance”:

Well, Jupiter House, 5 Calleva Park, Aldemaston also just happens to be linked to the Paradise Papers…linked to money-laundering and tax avoidance!  You really couldn’t make this up:

Not surprising, really, as there is a “Mason” connected as well. I kid you not. Check this out:

You will also notice that Duncan Partnership is also connected to Jupiter House as well. Here is the Duncan family connected to Cloudbuy:

If you haven’t heard about them you should. They are connected to procurement contracts for your local councils.  That’s right! The Government is connected to the same address that the Panama and Paradise Papers have exposed as being on their radar! Where’s the “Due Diligence” here I hear you cry!?

Well, Andrew Simon Davis is linked to 41 Chalton Street, London and Hanover Directors from 44 Upper Belgrave Road in Bristol, which again happens to be connected to the ICIJ Offshore Leaks:

These are just two money-laundering “boiler room” addresses connected to the 788-790 Finchley Road network. There are plenty of other similar addresses in Britain alone, let alone the rest of the world.

If you actually visited the address (like we have) you will find that it is nothing but a terraced house in the Clifton area of Bristol.  

44 Upper Belgrave Rd, Bristol BS8 2XN

Hardly somewhere you’d expect to find thousands of fake companies registered there, is it? But, that’s what “they” want you to think. Everything has to be so discreet and “under-the-radar” for it to not arouse any suspicion that there is any money-laundering going on whatsoever.

It’s also the address where Harley Curtain Wall and Harley Façades – the cladding firms connected to the Grenfell Tower disaster and an husband and wife team were registered to. 

Harley Curtain Wall Limited
Harley House, Farningham Rd, Crowborough TN6 2JD01892 669784

For more information about Ray Bailey and his wife and their exotic lifestyle then read this article:

I also can’t help but notice that XR sounds very much like Exaro…as in Exaro News, an investigative journalism company that went belly up a few years ago.

But, of course, even after it has closed down after three years it is still in the news:

You will find that Exaro were based at 7-12 Tavistock Square in London:

It is also where Private Eye magazine (owned by Pressdram Ltd ) is based.

You will also find that Timothy Andrew Pendry also used to be a Director of Exaro. 

Well, if you look at his companies you will find one that goes by the name of TPPR registered at Pastiles Chambers. You will also notice that he was connected to 788-790 Finchley Road with his wife Jemima:

Not finished yet. 

If you then dig a little deeper you will find that Jemima is linked to the Highvale Blackstock Trust with one Jeremy Bernard Corbyn:

And you wonder why they don’t want the Finchley Road Fraud exposed?