Bent Hargreaves

There’s a Kidder from Kidderminster who seems to think he’s a bit of a lad; a bit of a laaarff; someone who likes to take a swipe at others and laugh at his own jokes. But, this guy is no comedian. He’s a con man. Nothing more, nothing less. 

He acts as a share-ramping agent for Anglesey Mining Plc, a company that was formed in 1984, just like some Orwellian nightmare by a bunch of wobbly-handed, middle-aged crooks. Their game was to create a subsidiary company to one that was previously formed in September 1968 by the same thieving con artists and pretend for decades that they would start mining on Anglesey and create jobs for the region. But, they have done no Mining at all in all that time. All they have done is leave a rusty eye sore on the top of a mountain and create a Ponzi scam in order to deceive potential investors and rip them off.

Every so often they try and create an Open Day for potential investors to come and see the mine, just like they did two years ago when they tried to raise $53 million of investment in the false promise that they would start mining in 2020. Yawn. 

It’s been the same modus operandi for half a decade and more. 

They have no intention of mining whatsoever, and yet they still continue to try and deceive the public. 

They do this with the help of some paid share-ramping agents, one of which is Brent Russell Hargreaves from Kidderminster.  This is him:

He can’t be much of a scientist because he has 4 failed companies under his belt. That’s how much business acumen and prowess he has.

Not only that but his level of arrogance and deeply unamusing sarcasm (the lowest form of wit) makes one cringe it’s so bad. He has even signed-off himself on an email rant to the Directors of Pandoras Box Investigations Limited with…

“Best regards,
Bent Hargreaves.”

I kid you not. 

The man is a liability and shouldn’t be allowed out on his own without an helper. Bless.

I think the pressure must be getting to him. You see, recently he tried to organise another Open Day for people to come and see a rusty, old mine for some apron-wearing wobbly-handed chums of his. But, the Pandoras Box team were on him like a rash, and the meeting had to be postponed. Oh dear. What a carry on!?

The laugh-a-minute Hargreaves thinks that he played a cunning hand by cancelling the meeting thinking that because he knew that Gordon Bowden and others would turn up that it would be amusing to try and throw a curve ball as it were.  But, unfortunately for Bent Hargreaves it backfired on him big style and came back and hit him like a bent boomerang as the share price went belly up (down 10.81% in one day) as the potential share investors didn’t see the funny side of it.

Oh dear. Poor Mr. Hargreaves. He must be really feeling rumbled. Hohum. Never mind. He’s just a pawn in a game of Chess, and it’s check mate…mate! 

They must all be feeling ever so slightly delicate at Anglesey so-called Mining if you ask me because Derek William Hooley, the “Fat Controller” if you like, has now changed his correspondence address from his old Colwyn Bay address (only a year and a half after he moved from there) to an address at a Tower in London! How very apt!?

And, only recently David Lean decided to retire from the business. It must have been ever so hard after so many years of no mining for a so-called “mining executive” to keep up the pretence going for so long that he has decided to pack it in. The only thing that Anglesey Mining are good at is being busy at doing nothing! Zilch. Zero. Let’s be very clear about that. 

The net is closing in on them, though. Their game is up, the cracks have started to appear and the panic has set in as the old rats are trying to jump from a sinking ship.

This will be sweet justice for all those unfortunates who fell foul of their wicked ways and lost a lot of time and money in the process, and the day will come when Bent Hargreaves will be wishing that he never got involved because he’ll be getting his collar felt by The Fuzz. Hohum. It’s not as if we haven’t warned him.

There’s as much chance of the clapped out Morris Minor on the top of Parys Mountain starting than there is of Bill and Bent, the copper-topped flops from doing any mining whatsoever. They know it, and so do we. There is not a “Miner” amongst them.

Bent Hargreaves surely knows by now that it’s time throw in the towel.