Comic Relief? This is no joke.

If you want to know where Comic Relief money goes then follow it!  Start here:
Who has “significant control” of it? Charity Projects:

Who is on the Board of Directors? Well, let’s have a look, shall we?

Let’s start with Suzi Aplin and take a look at where this takes us:

Well, straight into Barbara Kahan for a start:

How about Timothy Douglas Davie from the BBC?

Well, it links to Lord Anthony (“Tony”) William Hall of Birkenhead, the Director General of the BBC of course:

He is a Director of the Paul Hamlyn Foundation:

Also on the Paul Hamlyn Foundation is Sir Anthony Michael Vaughan Salz at St. Swithin’s Lane:

Well, that is an address that is linked to N.M. Rothschild:

Lord Tony Hall is also a liveryman at the Worshipful Company of Painters and Stainers at Painter’s Hall, at 8-9 Little Trinity Lane in London:,_Baron_Hall_of_Birkenhead

This is the very same address as Anglesey Mining Plc have as their correspondence address:

Of course, TV presenters will try their best to defend Comic Relief and have it appear to be giving to worthy causes in Africa. Don’t be fooled! If this was the case then Africa wouldn’t have such poverty.

The amount raised by Live Aid, Children in Need and Comic Relief over the years is in the £billions! So, where has the money gone? You tell me. Not to where it’s supposed to from where I am looking it isn’t.