She wore an Halo

With Prince Harry in the news doing his bit for the Halo Trust I thought it time for us to look at it a bit deeper:

Ever wonder that the information that you receive from the News is trustworthy or not? Take, for example, Iran.

Given by what American politicians are saying they’d have us believe that Iran is a terrible place and is a country that is a major threat to World Peace. Yet, statistics prove time and time again that this is just propoganda from Western politicians.

Don’t believe the American hype, however. Many people believe that Iranians are some of the friendliest people in the world. Yet, because they are thus I believe they are easy targets by politicians without scruples or hearts.

Iran, one of the friendliest countries

What TV programmes like ITN News at Ten would have us believe, for example, is that Iran is a destitute place, that people are fleeing from the country in their droves because of a dangerous, dictatorial regime, and are even trying to make hazardous journeys across the British Channel in small boats, just like they are doing across the Mediterranean in inflatable dinghies:

However, I think this is just a cover story so as to build up an excuse for America to invade Iran and plunder it into chaos, and the media networks are in on the game. The news that they portray doesn’t always give the full picture. It’s all propoganda, of course, and part of the plan to cause confusion and give out disinformation to mislead the public.

What the media companies fail to tell us is how they have their people “on the inside” working alongside some of the people behind some of the atrocities across the world, of course. Whilst there are refugees who fled their own countries in little boats and dinghies, newsreaders make themselves out to be holier than thou. They don’t report on the root cause of the problem and who’s behind it.

Are you aware that an ITN newsreader is connected to one of the representatives of a family that are even more powerful than the Royal Family, so powerful in fact that they can poke and point a finger at a Prince next in line to the throne? Have a look at how sheepish our bonnie Prince Charlie looks in this picture:

Prince Charles being poked in the chest by Ruling Elite: Evelyn De Rothschild – Oligarchy is Real from conspiracy

Only a person from a very wealthy and powerful family could go against Royal protocol without being hauled over the coals or sent to the Tower for it. But, no. Not in this case.

The reason for this is because this wealthy family that can even embarrass the Royal Family with how much money, influence and power they have ultimately control everyone and everything around them. They are a dangerous and manipulative family that has been behind every single war across the world since the French Revolution by bouncing off the good and the evil people on both sides of the political argument so that it makes it difficult for the public to trust anyone. “They”, this family, want chaos and disorder so they they can make a killing out of oil, arms, gold and drugs. You name it, they’re involved in it.

Who are they? Well, if you have a look on Companies House for the Halo Trust (short for the Hazardous Area Life-support Organisation) you’ll find Tom Bradby from ITN (see Thomas Matthew Bradby) on there, which will give you a clue as to who they are and how deep this goes:

What do the Halo Trust do? Well, they’re involved in anti land-mines.

Princess Diana was involved with the Halo Trust before she died (probably murdered) in a tunnel in Paris.

If you follow the money-trail to the Halo Trust you’ll find that it goes to the family that were behind the conflict that caused the war that caused the land mines to be there in the first place and was the reason why Princess Diana went with the British Red Cross to Angola on a fact-finding mission:

Here is a speech that Princess Diana made about her trip there:

Was there something that Diana knew about the Royal Family and the future King that she married and divorced, something that she was going to expose and let the world know about? Did she know too much and was “bumped-off” in a car accident?

Going back to Bradby, have you seen it yet? Can you see the link to the thread?

Well, if you check the correspondence address you’ll see that it comes out of 50 Broadway, London. This is where ex Prime Minister Tony Blair moved his Windrush Ventures Limited from the infamous cesspit that is 788-790 Finchley Road to in London, then set up his Firerush Ventures company from in an attempt to hide his money-laundering antics from prying eyes. You know who I am talking about, surely? He’s the war-mongering psychopath behind the Iraq war with the Bush family.

50 Broadway is also the same address where the NHS, you know, the company that Tony the Blue-Faced Bliar started to tear apart and got the ball rolling for the privatisation of it via the deliberately disastrous Public Finance Initiative (P.F.I.) is based. Coincidence? I think not! He probably wants to see it sink to the depths of despair and hand it over to Beardy Branson living the life of Riley in his offshore tax-haven paradise.

Not only that, however, but if you look deeper into the Halo Trust that Bradby was a Director of you’ll see that it involves a gaggle of some people linked to all sorts of dodgy/powerful people. Our Tom had done his bit and so was time for him to exit out of the Revolving Door. You’ll see the first one on the list is Anthony John Wigan followed closely behind by Mark Aedy, who is linked to Ingenious Films, for instance:

Well, the HMRC, you know, the company linked to The Queen, have a very dim view about Ingenious Film Partners:

Here is Wigan’s bio on the Halo Trust website:

The real clue to how deep this goes, however, is where you #FollowTheMoney and drill deeper into the network of people associated with the company. You need to look no further than Anthony William Bird. If you scroll down to the bottom of this link you’ll see which family (and one of a multitude of companies that they are behind) that I am talking about:

All the tax evasion; the money-laundering; the wars; the arms deals; the refugees fleeing their homeland in dodgy dinghies run by exhorbitant people-traffickers; the stinging austerity measures; the destruction of the NHS; the chaos that is Brexit… all lead to this stinking family (which I daren’t mention for fear of being called a tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist). But, the fact of the matter is that the facts speak for themselves. But, don’t say anything.

Sshh! “They” don’t want people to know.