Jobs for the Boys

#FollowTheMoney from Gill Bates, Ann Gullsee Myning, P. Elsie to Aunty Bibby.

Follow it through to Brigadier Jon Brittain:

To Terrington Management, a Government lobbying consultancy:-

To former Conservative MP Geoffrey Pattie:-

To the International Co-operation Fund Limited:-

Where Lord Aubrey Rippon of Hexham takes us to Arcadis in Warrington, not far from Cavendish Nuclear.


5th floor, 401 Faraday St, Risley, Warrington WA3 6GA01925 800700

Lord Rippon also takes us to Invesco, one of the largest investment fund management companies in the world…

He also also takes us to Brassey’s, where there were a few high-ranking military dignitaries on parade at one time:-

Such as Air Vice Marshall Tony Mason from the Honourable Company of Gloucestershire charitable trust:-

Field Marshall Lord Bramall was also at Brassey’s, and was questioned by the Police under Operation Midland:-

Also involved in Brassey’s was Hilary Charles Nicholas Goodhart, Rear-Admiral Goodhart to be precise.

Goodhart was a Member of Grocers’ Hall before he died. See how many military men you see here:-

Grocers’ HallGrocers Hall, Princes St, London EC2R 8AD, United Kingdom+44 20 7606 3113
As you can see, Grocers Hall is a Masonic Lodge in the City of London:-

Just so you know the BBC filmed an episode of Masterchef at Grocers Hall:
MasterChef, Series 15: Episode 20: via @bbciplayer

Couldn’t help but notice a couple of elderly waitresses wearing white gloves as they were serving the food with wobbly hands. Reminded me of Mrs. Overall in Acorn Antiques:

Of course, one can’t but help notice the names of some Brigadiers, Sirs, Viscounts and Lords with shaky hands associated with the Worshipful Company of Grocers as well:

In the episode produced by the BBC (whose previous Director General- Lord Tony Hall of Birkenhead- is a liveryman at the Worshipful Company of Painters and Stainers) some food critics are seen to be keeping the Establishment happy and rubbing the public’s noses in their pompous critique on the use of spices.,_Baron_Hall_of_Birkenhead

Meanwhile, Tony Hall’s wiki page has been updated to not show that he likes to pull up his socks and wiggle his hands at Painters Hall, the correspondence address on Anglesey Mining’s website, but we know he does. Ssh! It’s been well-documented before:-

Here is the mailing address showing on their website:

Lord Hall has been part of the Royal Ooera House and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation for a few years.

With Sir Michael Salz. 
Check out the address and where Salz takes us:

Need I say any more on that?–SONS-LIMITED

The new Director General of the BBC is Tim Davie, and the current Chairman of the Beeb, also from the Opera House, is Sir David Clementi, previously of Commerzbank, the FCA, Thames Water, Virgin Money and Rio Tinto. Enough said.

It’s a big jobs for the boys club. Can you tell?