It’s a big club…and we ain’t in it.

Well, wouldn’t you Adam and Eve it? One of the Directors of the Guardian Newspaper (Sir Anthony Michael Vaughan Salz, a Solicitor linked to a company in the Seychelles, was Acting Chairman of the BBC at one point and is also linked to the dreaded “R” family…you know, the one that you daren’t mention for fear of being called a conspiracy-theorist or an anti-semite) is also a Co-Director of the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.
Before he died, Paul Hamlyn was made a life peer by Tony Blair. Have a read of his biography here:
The Hamlyn publishing family is linked to Lord Anthony William Hall of Birkenhead, the current Director General of the BBC –  a liveryman at Painter’s Hall, 8-9 Little Trinity Lane in London…a Masonic Lodge…the correspondence address for a certain “mining” firm on Anglesey that hasn’t done any mining in 34 years. Go figure.
Direct to the “R” family who own Rio Tinto, currently under investigation for fraud:
Not only that, but Sir Anthony takes us to another Anthony William, this time surname Bird:
Which takes us into the Halo Trust, based at 50 Broadway – the same address where Tony Blair moved his Windrush Ventures company from 788-790 Finchley Road to:
And ITN Newsreader Tom Bradby:
And his wife’s company coming out of Waterlow Secretaries. Hmm. I wonder which road in Finchley this company is linked to? 😉:
Whilst we’re on the subject of news and who controls it, have a look at Reach Plc, who owns Trinity newspapers, who own The Daily Mirror and the Daily Post (who cover the North Wales readership) to name but two:
You will see how it goes to the same network of people who look after Dominos Pizza and (ahem) a certain troubled High Street cake and coffee company currently under criminal investigation for that word again…fraud!
Have a look under Dr. David Kelly.  Ironic, I know. Not the same guy that was linked to the Pelindaba trip tgat a young David Cameron went to Pelindaba with before he was found dead in a field, but bear with me on this.
Follow it to this guy (Lee Dale Ginsberg) and notice the troubled Patisserie Valerie?
It’s all about asset-stripping the country and keeping it quiet, under a media Black Out.
It just goes to show why real News that people need to hear doesn’t get published or broadcast.
To paraphrase the late, great George Carlin:
“It’s big club…and we ain’t in it.”