Calling out the A.S. card as B.S.

Let’s do a countdown of how many companies ESW – the company that tv mathematician Rachel Annabelle Riley – is linked to and a massive money-laundering network, shall we?
Here is her company, Red Ragdoll Limited:

It was formed by ESW Chartered Accountants at this address:
162-164, High Street, Rayleigh, Essex, United Kingdom, SS6 7BS

162-164 High St162-164 High St, Rayleigh SS6 7BS
Here is ESW, a company run by Shane Wills and Stephen Cracknell:

It takes us straight in…without even a conundrum… to Form 10 Directors coming out of 39a Leicester Road in Manchester. This is a known money-laundering shell company address that is even linked to Tony Tasciuba, the accountant for tv money-saving expert Martin Lewis. 
**Here’s the link to Martin Lewis and 39a Leicester Road:

39a Leicester Road is right smack in the middle of the Jewish community in Manchester that is linked to another money-laundering network in Finchley in London…another Jewish community.  
Let’s have a closer, in-depth look at Wills and Cracknell, shall we?

Looking at the first one of the 15 companies on Shane Wills’s profile ABS Property Limited takes us straight into RM Registrars based at Invision House in Hitchin….the very same address that the UK arm of Mossack Fonseca (the infamous law firm linked to the Panama Papers and made into a film, ‘Laundromat’ by Steven Soderbergh starring Meryl Streep, Gary Oldman and Antonio Banderas) is based. Property is one of many ways for “dirty” money to be laundered “clean” and sloshed into the system to make it look legitimate, by the way:

Here is the link to RM Registrars, a company formed by tobacco firm the Raymond Morris Group:

Here is the link to Hitchin.  Notice the connection picked up by the icij and the comet:

Now, I am not against any Jewish people, or anyone from any race, creed or colour. But one does have to question why the likes of tv personalities like Rachel Riley are so keen to chip in with the “anti-semite” card when there is a massive coincidence and a very distinct and disturbing money-laundering network working under the radar that no one is allowed to speak up about for fear of being called anti-semitic. It’s about honesty and transparency. The public have a right to know what’s going on here.
If there is wrongdoing then it must be called out, whether it be by a Jewish person, a Muslim, a black person, or a white blonde with big boobies, I don’t care. I don’t hold back. Nor should any of us. We should not feel constrained for telling it like it is just because someone throws a hissy fit or a curve ball. That should be an instant red warning flag anyway to delve into it further because they must have something to hide…and so it is with Rachel “I’m not voting Labour because they are Anti-Semitic” Riley. It’s all a game. Trust no one who is vocal, especially if you believe that they have got something to hide because chances are they do…as is the case with la Riley.

“I’ll have one from the top and the rest from the bottom please Rachel.”
Good game, good game.